My name is Stefan Richter. I was born and raised in sunny Greece and I am a passionate bass player and craftsman who has focused on building guitars and basses.

I successfully completed my joinery training in Mannheim in 2009. I gained my first professional experience in the instrument manufacturing, producing sound therapy instruments. Moases, which spread a soothing sound to bring body and mind into harmony with their vibrations.

2011 was my starting point for guitar building, when I began my advanced training in Weingarten near Ravensburg in „der Gitarrenladen“, with the master guitar builders Andreas Dill and Franziska Kössl. There I learned the art of instrument buildung on acoustic guitars and basses with their many intricacies. I learned to make classical, electric and acoustic guitars as well as acoustic basses. Permanent customer contact gave me a feeling for the needs and wishes of musicians of many ages and origins. Thus, repairs of any kind were also in my area of responsibility. Whether it was a broken neck, bridge separation, cracks, electrical problems or the modification of an acoustic body… it quickly became clear: No matter what – Richter does the job.

In 2013 I passed my exam in luthiery as the best of the year and received the Bavarian State Award for outstanding performance.

In 2014-2015 I actively supported the traditional music store „Weng“ until shortly before it was abandoned by the owner.

Since then I run my own business and stand for quality, individuality, integrity and sustainability .

Until today I am constantly learning and looking forward to the things that may come.

to be continued….