BodyRecycled chopsticks (bamboo)
Top / bottomSpent coffee grounds
NeckRecycled chopsticks (bamboo)
FretboardRecycled chopsticks (bamboo)
Scale length652mm / 25,7″
Frets22 medium/jumbo
Fretboard inlaysRoasted coffee beans
BindingSpent coffee grounds
HeadplateSpent coffee grounds
PickguardDenim from end-of-use garment
PickupsHäussel ST Bigmag (neck & middle), VIN+ B A5 (bridge)
ControlsMaster Volume, Neck/mid PU tone, bridge tone,
Gilmour-wiring with mini switch
StegSchaller Signum, chrome
TunersSchaller M6, chrome
FinishSatin-gloss varnish

Elektra is a nymph. As the daughter of Atlas, she can be admired in the constellation of the Pleiades to this day.

Our Elektra represents the electric storm clouds, illuminated by the returning sun. She symbolises the rising hope after the sky had darkened threateningly. She conveys this through her beguiling song and her sheer radiance. Her warm tone can be as clear as a bell or as shrill as a screech. This nymph is almost a force of nature.

From now on, everyone can hear that sustainability sounds really good.

Within the framework of our collaboration with Michael Kalbe (BASF SE), Dirk Harste from ecobrain and Felix Böck from Chopvalue, this worldwide unique instrument was created. Its body and neck, as well as the pickguard, are made (almost) exclusively from recycled materials. Innovative processes and binders make it possible to produce panel materials from waste materials from our society and industry in a way that is environmentally friendly and harmless to health. These clever gentlemen gave us these materials and the task of making it all sound. Voilà.

Gitarren Richter is committed to effectively sustainable instrument making. This is a milestone in history and may mean the future of guitar making. It is the beginning of something great and many more instruments will follow.