Richter Instruments is the redefinition of sustainable luthiery.

This craft is our passion.

Effective sustainability, our belief.

The sound of Richter Instruments, our contribution.

We manufacture custom-made instruments, that enthuse through looks, feel and sound.

Innovative unique pieces are our specialty. Each one constructed accurately and professionally, to meet the musicians dreams. Through this task we like to explore the limits of what is feasible. As long as it is ergonomic and can be done – it will be done.

Out of love for music, our environment and out of boundless conviction, we build instruments from recycled and regional materials.

In cooperation with Michael Kalbe, from BASF SE, ecobrain and Chopvalue, we at Richter Instruments made the worlds first electric guitar and bass made out of spent coffee grounds, recycled chopsticks and denim from end-of-use-garment. These materials were pressed to boards, using an innovate water-based bonding compound, that is free from formaldehyde and is friendly to health and the environment. 

“To consider the end in everything you do, that is sustainability.” *

We want to learn from the past, in order to change the future.

For generations now, guitars are made out of certain woods, wich became established on the markets and in musicians minds. Many tropical wood-types have been chopped down for us to get an instrument made out of mahogany or rosewood. These two stand for the variety of wood-types that were felled in the rainforests of south america, africa and asia. That went so far, that even politics woke up and made the current CITES regulations. This will only be the beginning of many more to come.

The sources of many wood suppliers, especially concerning the tropical types, are usually non transparent. So we, from Richter Instruments, cannot believe them with clear conscience. We love our home, planet earth and we are convinced that the rainforest should better continue to stand and grow, we demand certainty.

Our conviction: effective sustainability.

For our instruments we only use exclusively european and local tonewoods, as well as lumber coming from thoroughly sustainable, FSC-certified, cultivation – granting transparency from timber to tone. We focus on native tonewoods, that were used long before their tropical relatives came onto the market. They give perfect results and are still equally (if not better) in their characteristics. The usage of recycled materials, until now atypical for luthiery, round up the concept.

If instruments are made of uncertified tropical tonewood, then it is usually reused lumber. This could be taken out of a former stair or a handrail. Sometimes even from an old, unused stock of a joinery or simillar cases, just waiting to be proceeded.

We gladly reveal every information needed, to grant absolute transparency.

If you have any questions, suggestions or doubts, please feel free to get in touch.

Our Repairshop

You need your instrument repaired? Should it be adjusted professionally or be optimized? We offer repairs and modifications of any kind in our specially equipped workshop.

Restoring your old treasured guitar, repairing breaks and cracks, the perfect adjustment of your favorite instrument or the desired modification of your electrics – Richter does the job.


Reduce, reuse, recycle.

If your old instrument cannot be repaired, we offer the unique service of giving it a new purpose, by modifying it to become a coat rack, wine rack or a lamp. Please contact us for further information.

  • * – Quote from Eric Schweitzer