BodySapelli-Mahogany (recycled stairs)
NeckFive Maple-Walnut stripes, carbon reinforced
Scale length914-940 mm, fanned (36“-37“)
Frets24 jumbo Edelstahl
PickupsHäussel Custom, MM 5-string, closed covers
ControlsNoll electronics: Volume, active
18V 3-band EQ, balance, mute-switch
BridgeFive single bridges, black
TunersSchaller, M4 90 blackchrome
FinishSatin-gloss varnish
This special instrument is a subcontra-e-bass. It sounds a full octave lower than a standard bass. In other words, it sounds deeper, more grounded, “bassier”. Its fanned fretting not only achieves a very attractive appearance, but also gives the strings, due to the scale length extension, the necessary tension to hit these low frequencies with a fast response and to sustain them for a long time. The Häussel Custom pickups and the active Noll electronics do the rest. The strings are custom designed and made specifically to do the job. Everything, as always, “made in Germany”. From the wood to the Schaller hardware, to the carbon reinforcements in the neck. This beast is made to shake the earth and shake everything to its foundations.

It can groove cool and really shred, sound clear and thunder with might. The feeling that arises in the room when Charon sounds is indescribable and touches the primal instincts. He is the ferryman who takes people on a journey. Deeper into the abyss of the bass.

Do you dare to go along?