Setup acousticfrom60,- €
Setup electric from60,- €
Setup electric with floyd rosefrom80,- €
Crack repair
Repair broken neckfrom80,- €
Repair broken neck + touch upfrom240,- €
Reglueing of the bridgefrom80,- €
Crack repair soundboardfrom40,- €
Crack repair sides and backfrom40,- €
Reglueing loose sides and backfrom30,- €
Fret and neck work
New frets without bindingfrom280,- € 
New frets with bindingfrom320,- €
New frets + new finish of the fretboardfrom480,- € 
Sanding, levelling and polish of the fretsfrom140,- €
Fret ends levelled flush from60,- €
New saddle – bonefrom80,- €
New bridgeinlay – bonefrom45,- €
New saddle 12-string – bonefrom100,- €
Installing new tuners from55,- €
Scalloping of the complete fretboardfrom400,- €
Change of the neck-shape or neck-widthfrom400,- €
Neck resetfrom685,- €
Finish and restoration
Neck of an electric instrument, bolt-onfrom240,- €
Body of an electric instrument, bolt-onfrom400,- €
Acoustic instrument, completelyfrom950,- €
Acoustic instrument, topfrom685,- €
Further options available on request

Electrics and modifications

In this area there is a wide range of possibilities.

Prices at cost.

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